(1) Loss Prevention Services - Berkley Southeast Insurance Group a W. R. Berkley Company® have certified safety professionals on staff who will conduct on-site evaluation and training as your needs dictate.

     Robert (Bob) Trussell, CSP
    Office: 205.994.3674

    Kimberly (Kim) Spencer, CRIS
    Office: 870.739.3247

    Michelle Fox
    Mobile: 601.278.4440

(2) Drug Free Workplace Notices - We furnish you with Drug Free Workplace adhesive posters in both English and Spanish to notify applicants that you run a drug-free workplace. The notices measure 13.5"x10". To see what they look like click here. To order your drug free workplace notices, email Melissa Saxton. This is another value added benefit of having your insurance through MMA Insurance Services.   

(3) Safety Posters - We are pleased to furnish all MMA Insurance Services members with posters emphasizing a safe workplace. Click here to see what our posters look like. They measure 18.5" x 10.5".  To order your safety posters please email Melissa Saxton.

(4) Gottcha Sticks - To help your employees go home with all their fingers and toes, we're pleased to provide you with "Gottcha Sticks" a handy tool to measure clearances and machine guarding. To see what a "Gottcha Stick" looks like click here and contact Melissa Saxton for your order. Another value added benefit of MMA Insurance Services.

(5) Time Clock Notices  - At your request we furnish you with adhesive stickers (8 1/2" x 5 1/2") to post at your Time Clock which state: “BY CLOCKING OUT I CERTIFY THAT I HAVE NOT BEEN INJURED ON THE JOB TODAY. IF I HAVE BEEN INJURED I HAVE NOTIFIED MY SUPERVISOR IN WRITING.” These notices are available in both English & Spanish, to order or see what they look like, click here. To place an order contact Melissa Saxton.

(6) Workers Compensation Fraud Is A Crime Notices - Would you like to help educate employees that workers’ comp fraud is a crime? If so, you might be interested in these free notices. They measure 11" x 8 ½" and specify that workers’ comp fraud is a felony with punishment not to exceed a $5,000 fine, or double the value of the fraud - whichever is greater - or by imprisonment not to exceed three years or both fine and imprisonment. To see what these notices look like,click here and to place an order contact Melissa Saxton. 

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